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Every other week I send a newsletter with some highlights about social commerce to a group of my colleagues.

The two main events in this edition are Facebook actions (item #1) and Google’s Search plus Your World. Both will change the information that users see on these major sites.

  1. Facebook adds Actions to the Social Graph – This is the final piece of the new Open Graph
    1. According to AlltThingsD this will launch tomorrow (Wednesday)
    2. TechCrunch publishes list of possible partners to launch tomorrow
  2. Google just changed your search experience.
    1. The new Search, plus Your World service brings results from Google+ to the search engine results page
    2. This major change created some criticism and a public battle between Google and Twitter. AllThings D posted a good summary
    3. This is an addition to what Eli Pariser calls “filter bubbles” on his TED talk
  3. 1/3 of the world social networkers are in Asia Pacific. Other interesting details about social networking in comScore’s It’s a Social World: A Global Look at Social Networking
  4. Facebook now allows additional credit options for In-App purchases Announcing In-App Currency Offers
  5. According to a survey by Baynote e-commerce “social commerce has yet to deliver on its promise” 4 In 5 Say Facebook Didn’t Influence Holiday Shopping
  6. Facebook Rolling Out News Feed Ads Ambiguously Marked “Featured”