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Every other week I send a newsletter with some highlights about social commerce to a group of my colleagues.

  1. Facebook changed its Auth dialog box. Launching the Improved Auth Dialog
  2. Swedish social gifting company Wrapp receives a new $5M round of funding
  3. An example of FB ActionsPayvment Tells Facebook Friends What You Want, Own
  4. Polyvore Raises $14M
    1. Polyvore is a community fashion site that allows users to create sets of product they like.
    2. These products sets are used as a platform for advertising for the sites highly engaged user base.
    3. Pinterest (see item #5) which launched lately can be viewed as an extension of Polyvore
  5. Pinterest
    1. Hitwise Pins Pinterest to Pinboard of Top Social Networking Sites (Search Engine Watch)
    2. Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network (Mashable)
    3. 13 Tips and Tricks for Cutting Edge Users (Mashable)
    4. Chobani yogurt is a good example of a brand usage of Pinterest (FastCompany)
    5. Opposite view: 7 Reasons Why Pinterest Isn’t Yet Ready for Tech Brands (techcrunch)
    6. Charity focused competitor for Pinterest (All Things D)
  6. Talking to strangers (Millennials will change the way you sell)
  7. Paying usersfor postings and promoting products:
    1. PowerVoice Pays Users To Post Ads On Twitter, Facebook (All Things D)
    2. Endorse – paying users for social media posts that led to transactions Accel And SV Angel Back Endorse With $4.25 Million To Close The Loop Between Shoppers And Brands (bazzarvoice)
  8. MicroStrategy bets big on Facebook data (techcrunch)
  9. #Bashtag – McDonald’s launched a new twitter campaign last week using the tag #McDStories. It quickly turned into a social media nightmare for the company with users from around the world posting bad McDonald’s experiences and using #McDStories (Forbes)