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Every other week I send a newsletter with some highlights about social commerce to a group of my colleagues. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Two stories open the newsletter with Valentine’s Day context, and somewhat weak commerce context.

And to the actual newsletter:

  1. Don’t put your interest ahead of your customers’ interests. In two separate but similar stories this week, Path and Pinterest received a lot of criticism from users for using users’ data in questionable ways. GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram offers Lessons from Path and Pinterest: Tell users everything
    1. Path
      1. The original post Path uploads your entire address book without your permission
      2. Michael Arrington: Hey Path Just Nuke All The Data
      3. Update: After 2 days of bad press, Path apologized and deleted all the data (All Things D)
    2. Pinterest
      1. NYTimes’ Bits – Is Pinterest Already Making Money, Quietly
  2. Gumroad Turns Any Link Into A Payment System (Techcrunch)
  3. Will you count 100 unit a store? Unilever does – Unilever turns to pop-up f-commerce for brand launches brand building (Social Commerce Today)
  4. Facebook Starts Turning Listen, Read, and Watch Stories Into Ads (Techcrunch)
  5. A look at @walmartlabs (Video on All Things D)
  6. Surprise! Location App Highlight Actually Creates Serendipity (techcrunch)
  7. Facebook lets Open Graph apps publish to past points on Timeline (Inside Facebook)
  8. Personalized eCommerce – two views
    1. Leena Rao: The Ecommerce Revolution Is All About You (techcrunch)
    2. Nir Eyal: Personalized eCommerce Is Already Here, You Just Don’t Recognize It (techcrunch)
  9. Sarah Lacy: Fab Isn’t an Ecommerce Company; It’s a Content Company with Sales (Pando Daily)