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Last week’s newsletter was skipped as I attended SXSW in Austin. Also known as South By, it’s a conference with 3 different parts – interactive, music and film. The interactive part grew to be one of the most popular technology conferences.

The very successful launch of twitter in the 2007 conference and Foursquare in 2009 made it an attractive place to launch new products. See also Mashable post about successful launch in SXSW.

Most of the buzz this year was around apps that combine social, local and mobile (or SoLoMo) like Highlight , Glancee and Sonar. While these apps are very useful in introducing new people to each during conferences, they might be less relevant out of the conference. Another challenge to these apps, and to many others, is the fast battery drain.

Over all, it was a fun combination of great (and some boring) talks and panels, very interesting people, too many marketing campaigns, and many apps.

  1. (more) SXSW Interactive
    1. Fashion
      1. This is a popular market for social commerce including lyst and polyvore and Pinterest. Many panels were about social commerce and fashion. Examples: Who Needs a Fashion Cycle? I’ve Got Social Media, Social Shopping: The Zeros & Ones Changing Fashion.
      2. A new addition to the conference is Style X – a showcase for designers.
    2. What If the Real ‘Winner’ of SXSW Was… AmEx? (360i’s David Berkowitz @AdAge)
    3. Watch Isis In Action at SXSW 2012 (IPG Lab blog)
    4. Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff writes a good summary of his experience Nothing You Expect, Everything You Need
    5. Sam Shrauger presented PayPal’s digital wallet in a the session. Why a Mobile Wallet Isn’t Going to Be Enough. You can also watch a behind the scene demo on the eBay Ink blog
    6. Why Highlight Wasn’t A Breakout Success At SXSW (TechCrunch)
  2. Amex launching coupons using twitter
    1. American Express transforms Twitter hashtags into savings for cardholders (Venture Beat)
    2. Opinion: AMEX’s new Twitter integration is “brilliant” marketing (Venture Beat)
    3. AMEX Tweet for Dollars Campaign Garners Early Success (Social Commerce Today)
  3. How Walmart Wants To Leapfrog Over Amazon. A video interview with the manager of @walmartlabs (TechCrunch)
  4. 5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Store Might Be Struggling (Tech Crunch)
  5. Facebook’s guide to Offers (Facebook)
  6. Friends as influencers
    1. How Content Is Really Shared: Close Friends, Not ‘Influencers’ (Ad Age)
    2. And the great big future of advertising is … a Tupperware party (Giga Om)
  7. Zappos TweetWall Focuses on Real-Time Product Discovery (Social Commerce Today)
  8. Facebook enhances the apps. Adding locations, photo uploads and more (Venture Beat)
  9. Skimlinks, the company used by Pintereset for content monetization is launching a new API for publishers (TechCrunch)