Color newspaper, originally uploaded by yanec.

Today’s edition includes some interesting items about the SEC and Groupon, MasterCard moving its Marker Place to Facebook and an unusual use of personal data.

  1. Selling on Facebook works—for some (Internet Retailer)
  2. At its core, social commerce is about providing consumers with a meaningful experience and then giving them the opportunity and tools to share that experience with others.” (The psychology of social commerce on ClickZ)
  3. WalmartLabs is building big data tools — and will then open source them  (GigaOm).
  4. Is Social Loyalty the Next Big Thing in Social Commerce? 500Friends & $4.5M Thinks So (Social Commerce Today)
  5. Pinterest
    1. Possible usages for Pinterest’s data in “Pinterest, we’ve got a business model for you” (Baynot’s CTO in Giga Om)
    2. Flash Sales Giant Gilt To Offer Special Discounts To Pinterest Pinners (TechCrunch)
    3. An interesting post that tries to answer: How much does Pinterest actually make? (Giga Om)
  6. INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Posts Spur Online Shopping (All Facebook)
  7. The Search for the Google of the Social Graph (Op Ed in Wired)
  8. MasterCard MarketPlace is moving to Facebook (Internet Retailer)
  9. Bazzarvoice’s latest Conversion Index reveals some interesting insights about the similarities and differences in the social activity between online and offline users (bazzarvoice blog)
  10. SEC may start Groupon investigation (Om Malik)
  11. Slightly off topic: Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica, documented every digital aspect of his life from emails, through phone calls to key strokes (!). He now shares it all in a blog post The Personal Analytics of My Life. It shows the amazing power of personal data.