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The last week was more about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram than about f-commerce. Still I there where some interesting stories about the ecosystem.

  1. Facebook’s did some interesting commerce moves lately:
    1. Buys Mobile Loyalty, Rewards Startup TagTile (TechCrunch)
    2. Facebook Offers out of beta (Slash Gear)
    3. Most of the reviews of the Instagram acquisition where about the opportunity to reach their 40M strong user base who are very passionate about the product. On the commerce aspect, Social Commerce Today’s Paul Marsden offers an interesting analysis.
  2. 200M users include location in Facebook posts; company looks to expand location APIs  (Inside Facebook)
  3. How to Beat Walmart On Facebook – As Walmart Goes Local, Local Businesses Need to Get Savvy (AdAge)
  4. $302M Pours into Social Commerce Ventures (Social Commerce Today)
  5. Some Facebook Apps Are Still Too Greedy For User Data ()
  6. Sephora launched a new website that enhances their customers experience – using social, store data, iOS apps and more for interactions with customers. They created a nice page that explains the changes and improvements (Interesting video interview in TechCrunch)
  7. Facebook to Expand Social Graph API to Include Places (programableweb)
  8. Why Facebook Moms Are A Hot Market To Target (All Facebook)