In this version of the newsletter, Dowalla allows sending money with a twit, Amazon extends its Facebook app to support wish lists and friends fit and Facebook gifts is now available to all US users.

  1. Pinterest Launches New Business Tools (360i blog)
  2. eBay’s Svpply Brings A Daily Catalog Of Personalized Product Recommendations (TechCrunch)
  3. RevTrax follows coupon sharing across all social media (PandoDaily)
  4. Surprise: twitter study shows that promoted tweets result in sales (GigaOm)
  5. Twitter Offers A Total Of $1M In Free Credits To 10,000 New Advertisers For Small Business Saturday (TechCrunch)
  6. Facebook gifts
    1. Facebook adds iTunes content to Gifts (GigaOm)
    2. Facebook Gifts expands to all U.S. users, adds wines to the offering (The Conusmerist, Inside Facebook)
  7. Meet Mine — Your Life, in E-Shopping (All Things D, TechCrunch). This service seems similar to eBay’s Stuff
  8. The true value of Pinterest: Interest graph data from self-curated storefronts (bazaarvoice blog)
  9. Tweet money to your friends with #dwolla (dwolla’s blog)
  10. Following’s Lead, Amazon Adds Facebook-Enabled Gift Suggestions (TechCrunch). Trying it, it group your friends to those who already linked their account with Amazon, and those who didn’t, allowing you to invite them to connect their accounts. The app shares data with Amazon’s wish list defined by each user and is the same app that amazon uses for Facebook offers and sharing user’s purchases.